GP400DISC-Volume 4 Complete

Price: $1,638.40
Volume 4

Volume 4 Discount 1/2 off Shipping:GP-110D Volume 4 Spring Book-$24.95 400 Mystery of Easter-$109.95 406 The Faces of Easter w/stand-$128.95 410 The Crosses Complete-$175.95 413 Easter Egg Story Complete-$79.95, 420 Jesus and the Twelve-$78.95 423PM de Vinci' mounted print-$34.95 430 The Good Shepherd World Communion Complete-$332.95 435 Synagogue & Upper Room-$320.95 440 Holy Eucharist-$83.95 450 Mystery of Pentecost-$137.95 455 Paul's Discovery-$124.95

(this does not include GP445 Symbols of the Holy Eucharist or Holy Trinity you will need to gather items from your classroom for the Holy Trinity)