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Spend the week exploring Creation using the Godly Play story of Creation. Each day focus on one of the great gifts – Light, Water, Earth & Green, growing things, Sun & Moon & Stars (a way to count our days), Creatures that swim & those that fly, Creatures that walk on the earth, and a time to rest. Spend time exploring the world outside the doors of the church by taking some mini-field trips or just exploring your own backyard. Plant a garden or visit a farmers market. Go to a local planetarium. And spend some time each day resting and playing. At the end of the week send everyone home with the Home Edition DIY Creation story to extend the wondering at home.   

For more information feel free to contact the Rev. Dr. Cheryl V. Minor at the Center for the Theology of Childhood - 

If you do not have a fully stocked Godly Play Room we suggest you use the following stories:

·         Creation-GP230

·         Volume 2, The Complete Guide to Godly Play

·         Enough Home Edition Creation (DIY) for all your participants

·         Optional - Purchase copies of “Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach” to send home with all the parents so they will know how to use the Creation lesson with their children.

Vol 2-Sacred-Core