**GP406-NEW Faces of Easter Recolored
**GP406-NEW Faces of Easter Recolored


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Vol 4-Liturgical-Core

Includes: 7 plaques illustrated with Faces of Christ (NEW skin tone and eye color updated, card stand,  purple and white felt underlay.

As the second lesson in Volume 4 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play. It is usually presented at the beginning of Lent. It is part of a series of lessons meant to be told over the course of the entire season of Lent.

Lent is the season when we prepare for Easter. This lesson ( and the whole series of Lessons called "The Faces of Easter") helps children prepare for the Mystery of Easter.  We move toward the Mystery by hearing the stories of Christ's journey toward the cross and resurrection. This week's presentation focuses on the face of Christ as a newborn child. If you used the presentations of the Holy Family and the Mystery of Easter on the first week of Lent, then you might want to tell two of the Faces Presentations today.

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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Sacred-Core