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• A method for families to share the biblical story at home and learn the practice of sharing one another's stories as part of God's Story
• Includes full color images of the materials described in text

Using Godly Play® methods, Jerome Berryman offers families a way of nourishing faith in the home while supporting children's spiritual growth through the practice of "storying," our most ancient way of making meaning. This book offers "storying" rituals and techniques from Godly Play for exploring the meaning of Christmas, Easter, Creation, the Parable of the Good Shepherd, Pentecost, and the Trinity to give sustenance to the family's flow, play, love, and spirituality.

Stories of God at Home follows the rhythm of life's cycles (birth, death, earth, life, God, and depth) in telling biblical stories and shows how parents and caretakers can grasp their role with children using classic children's literature.

Audience: parents, Godly Play practitioners, Christian educators

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