++VBS240-Water, Water Everywhere!

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Ethnicity Baptism Baby:

Spend your VBS wondering about water stories in our Godly Play Room.

Water, Water Everywhere!

The Good Shepherd, The Ark and the Flood, The Exodus, The Prophet Jonah, Baptism, Vol. 3 book, Vol. 4 book

Total Retail $790.90 -$79.10(10%) =$711.80 additional $20.00 Shipping discount

The Good Shepherd $66.95

The Ark and the Flood $338.20

Jonah and the Whale $188.95

Exodus $11.95

Baptism $124.95

Vol 3 Book -$29.95

Vol 4 Book-$29.95

Updated 2/13/2020 TA