GP110c-Vol 3 Revised and Expanded Book

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Vol 3

Includes 20 presentations: Advent, The Mystery of Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Baptism, Parable of Good Shepherd, Good Samaritan, Great Pearl, Sower, Leaven, Mustard Seed, Side-by-Side Parables, Deep Well, Parable of Parables, Parable Synthesis 1, Parable Synthesis 2, Making Silence

2017 Curriculum Updates: The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol 3 NEW PRACTICE  Side by Side Stories – Telling side-by-side stories is not a new practice, however, having a written guide for how to do this well is new! The revised Volume 3 includes the new story “Side-by-Side Parables” to make this practice easier to begin. And once mastered, side-by-side story possibilities are endless! NEW STORY  “Making Silence” is a new story for the fourth story genre of Godly Play, which is contemplative silence. We suggest introducing the practice of “making silence” to children of all ages—and this can be done at the beginning of any Godly Play circle! The lesson in Volume 3 involves making silence in both your room and in the church (or some other location in your building) so that you can compare the two. STORY AND CURRICULUM LAYOUT REVISIONS  “Epiphany” o Story substantially revised  Clarifies that Christmas is over and Epiphany is a separate season  Focus on the Magi and their gifts  “Baptism” o Illustration revised to show an easy way to handle showing baptism  “Parable of the Leaven” o Revised to say “the Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven” o Materials updated so the woman is separate from the table  “Parable of the Good Samaritan” o Story language revised for clarity (substantial revision to the parable’s introduction)  “Parable Synthesis” o Story substantially revised and divided into two distinct stories:  “Parable Synthesis I - All the Parables, the ‘I Am’ Statements, and the Parable Games”  “Parable Synthesis II - The I Am Statements in Context