GP192 DIY-LG Great Green Growing

Price: $99.95

Large DIY Great Green Growing Sundays Banner-materials and instruction's to create the Great Green Growing Sundays banner

Approx. 17" X 44"

This banner was inspired from the lesson The Circle of the Church Year. In the story, the phrasing for the regular Sundays is "great-green-growing Sundays". In reflection of that, the overall shape of the banner resembles a leaf, along with the choice of colors being mostly in greens. The dark green vines and leaves signify that as you go through the regular Sundays, you are getting ready for the following special seasons. Each top leaf on the vines has a different colored leaf, representing the different special seasons. The colored leaves are arranged by the first special season encountered at the beginning of the New Year. (From left to right) Purple Leaf: Lent, White Leaf: Easter, Red Leaf: Pentecost, Your Choice of Blue or Purple Leaf: Advent (included, you will need to glue the blue or purple, depending on the color your church uses: Advent, and the White Leaf: Christmas. 

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