GP194-LG Advent Banner

Price: $249.95

Large Purple Advent Banner (approx. 17" X 44") complete ready to hang!

This banner is designed around the story of Advent. (No surprises there!) With each Advent day there is so much going on that the best way to represent the days of Advent with the banner, is to just hint at what the day represents. Each layer of the banner has the wooden symbol that the day is focus around. The first day of Advent is the largest piece of felt at the back of the banner. It has the wooden symbol of the pointing hand with sleeve. All the rest of the banner would be flipped behind the first day. Then on the second day of Advent, the next piece of felt would be flipped to the front covering over the symbol of the first day; thus showing the second symbol of a road to Bethlehem. (And so on through the days of Advent).

10/19 T