GP200 Box-Vol 2 Disc w/Desert Box

Price: $2,561.10
Volume 2
Advent Color Choice :

VOL 2-Discount w/Desert Box 1/2 off Shipping

GP 110b- Vol 2 Book Revised and Expanded $29.95

GP 200-CCY Wooden $169.95

GP 214-CCY LG. Felt $49.95

GP 216-Holy Family Enrichment $150.95

GP 230-Creation W/Stand $89.95

GP 240-Flood and the Ark $335.95

GP 250-Desert Box $299.95

GP 251-People of God (1 Set 18) $49.95  

GP 256-Great Family Expanded $38.95

GP 260-Exodus $11.95   

GP 270-Ten Best Ways $119.95

GP 275-Ark and Tent $196.95

GP 280-Ark and Temple $229.95

GP 286-Exile and Return $15.95

GP 290-Prophets $46.95

GP 293-Jonah and the Backwards Prophet $188.95

GP 296-The Holy Bible Complete $164.95              

GP 297-Books of the Bible $369.95

Acquire our Volume 2 Complete pack and gain an extremely comprehensive bundle of Sunday school materials.

This includes all Volume 2 Fall lessons. Shipping for this grouping is half off. GPR will apply the discount when entering your order into our bookkeeping system.

For International, Alaska, and Hawaii, we offer a discount equal to the savings for shipping in the US.
We use USPS due to their insurance and tracking numbers. Actual shipping cost and handling fee is $8 per box. Customers are responsible for customs fees, taxes, tariffs, or any other charge enforced by the destination country.

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Vol 3
Price: $1,682.35

Volume 4
Price: $1,689.15

Vol 6-Enrichment