GP214-Circle of the Church Year-Felt-Large

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Vol 2-Liturgical-Core
Advent Color :

Circle of the Church Year large felt calendar 48"x 65"- wall hanging, with pocket across the top.

Color choice for Advent Dark Blue or Purple.

As the first lesson in the Volume 2 of the Complete Guide to Godly Play, it is usually presented at the beginning of the program year, or alternatively at the beginning of the liturgical year (the first Sunday in Advent).

Each year, the Christian people move through a circle of memory and expectation to open themselves to the elusive presence of God. The material invites Children to move through the Church's special kind of time, marked not by numbers but by blocks of color.

You will also need the Wooden Circle of the Church to present this lesson .

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
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Vol 2-Liturgical-Core
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Vol 2-Liturgical-Core