GP216-The Holy Family Advent Color choice

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
Advent Color Choice :

Volume 2-Lesson 4: The Holy Family

Advent Color choice Blue or Purple. If you choose Blue it will have 5 liturgical cloths, if you choose Purple you will have 4 liturgical cloths.

Includes: Holy Family figures (Creche' set), wooden Risen Christ, 4 felt liturgical cloths white, purple, red, green, Christ candle and base, white felt circle, wooden tray.

We first present this lesson at the beginning of the program year. We repeat the lesson whenever we change the liturgical colors in the  room to reflect the changes in the liturgical season -purple or blue for Advent , white for Christmas, purple for lent , red for Pentecost, and green for the "growing" times. On those occasions, one purpose of the lesson is simple: we take the Holy Family off the shelf, change the colored cloth on the shelf to a new one, and then replace the figures on the new cloth.  

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
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Vol 2-Liturgical-Core
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Vol 2-Liturgical-Core