GP240-Ark and the Flood

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core

Volume 2-Lesson 6: Flood and Ark

Includes: Wooden Ark, basket of animals, basket with Noah and Naamah, wooden dove, nest, basket of stones, underlay. We currently do not have a suitable prism.

You may wanted to add the Raven and Noah and Naamah's children.

We now move with the People of God form creation to the renewal of creation and God's promise to Noah's descendants, and to us. in this story, we refer to Noah's wife as Naamah. The name Naamah appears in Genesis 4:22. She was the sister Tubal-cain. Both Noah and Naamah mean comfort of risk. The story of Naamah as Noah's wife is from a Jewish midrash (Rabba 23.3) Tradition says that Noah's name was Naamah. She Gathered the seeds in her aprons that would sow new plants for the world.

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Vol 2 and Vol 6
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