GP270-Ten Best Ways

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core

Volume 2 - Lesson 9: The Ten Best Ways

Includes: red paper mache' heart-shaped box with commandment tablets, Mount Sinai. You will also need the People of God,  Desert Box or Desert Bag to present this lesson.

God was present to Moses at Sinai three times. First, God was present in the burning bush when God revealed to Moses the name of God (Exodus 3:1-6). Second, God was present when giving the Ten Commandments to the people through Moses (Exodus 19:18-20, 1-17). Finally, after breaking the tablets in anger, Moses climbed up Sinai to receive The Ten Commandments a second time (Exodus 34).

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Vol 2 and Vol 6
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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
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