GP280-The Ark and the Temple

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core

Volume 2 Lesson 11-The Ark and Temple

Includes: Wooden Temple structure with altar and basin, cedar plank floor for structure, Ark of the Covenant (cast resin), altar for incense (cast resin),  table for 12 pieces of bread (cast resin),  menorah (cast resin), King Solomon figure (cast resin), Solomon's Prayer of Dedication scroll , basket.

In this lesson you will build the Temple as a part of the story. The material for the lesson is a model of the Temple and when it is on the shelf it is "complete." However, when you get ready to present the story be sure you have disassembled it so you can build it for the children as part of the the story.

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension