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Vol 2-Sacred-Core

Volume 2-Lesson 13: The Prophets

Includes: 4-Scrolls (12 Minor Prophets Scroll, Isaiah Scroll, Jeremiah Scroll, Ezekiel Scroll)

You will need the following items to tell this lesson, Desert Bag or Desert Box, tray of materials used in the Exile and Return Lesson.

This lesson serves as an introduction to lessons about the the Prophets such as the story of Jonah. We Have come a long way in time and space since the story of Creation. The People of God have been led out of slavery, they have been carried off into exile. they have returned to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem. God has been with them all the way--but they have not always been with God.

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core
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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 2-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 2-Sacred-Core