GP300DISC-Volume 3 Complete

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Vol 3
Advent Color Choice :
Baby w/dress Choice :

Volume 3 discount contains everything you will need to tell the lessons in Volume 3 book. Choose your advent colors dark blue or purple, and ethnic choice on baptism babies.

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GP 110 c Volume 3  Book $29.95

GP 310-Advent w/stand $199.95

GP 307-Advent accessory set $45.95 

GP 318-Mystery of Christmas $229.95

GP 320-Epiphany w/box $40.95

GP 323-Baptism $112.95

GP 330-Parable of the Good Shepherd $62.95

GP 340-Parable of the Good Samaritan $68.95

GP 350-Parable of the Pearl $76.95

GP 360-Parable of the Sower $63.95

GP 370-Parable of the Leaven $51.95

GP 380-Parable of the Mustard Seed $67.95

GP 390-Parable of Parables $39.95

GP 391-Parable of the Deep Well $89.95

GP 396-Complete Set Parable Synthesis $298.95

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Price: $1,682.35

Volume 4
Price: $1,689.15

Vol 6-Enrichment
Price: $2,561.10

Volume 2