GP396-Parable Synthesis Complete

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Vol 3-Parables-Synthesis

Used in Volume 3, Lesson 18 and 19, Parable Synthesis 1 and 2

Includes 40 gold parable cards (rectangles) mounted to wood, 15 "I Am" cards canary yellow (triangles) mounted to wood, 15 "I Am" context cards, canary yellow (square) mounted to wood, Gospel of John box, 23 parable game cards, solar yellow (rectangle), medium wooden tray. You will also need a Bible

The Parable Synthesis Lessons shift from using teaching objects as in the six guiding parable to the more abstract and text-linked cards.

As the Synthesis Lesson on the Parables in Volume 3 of the Complete Guide to Godly Play, this lesson is usually presented to children who are at least nine years old and have had several years of experience with the six guiding parables.

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Vol 3-Parables-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Liturgical Action-Core