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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment

Includes 8 wooden crosses, 24 laminated control cards, a wooden box with cross on the top.

As the ninth lesson in Volume 4 of The Complete Guide of Godly Play in can be presented at any time of the year, but is especially appropriate when a child announces he or she is going to make a cross during response time. It's great fun to hold this in reserve for such an occasion, because when a child says, "I'm going to make a cross," "Which one?"

This lesson is also useful when a child cannot think of anything at all to make, even "a cross." You can get the basket of crosses and begin to wonder with him or her about what they all mean and who first made them. this can lead the child making a cross that is just right for his or her life.

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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Sacred-Core