GP414w-(2) Per package Wooden Ukrainian Egg's
GP414w-(2) Per package Wooden Ukrainian Egg's


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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment

Wooden Ukrainian Egg's (no choice on design or color)

Two to a package.

New options of 1/2 Dozen (order 3 Packages), 1 dozen (order 6 Packages )

A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, "to write" or "to inscribe", as the designs are not painted on, but written (inscribed) with beeswax. Pysanky are typically made to be given to family members and respected outsiders. To give a pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life, which is why the egg must remain whole. Furthermore, the design, a combination of the motifs and colors on a traditional folk pysanka, has a deep, symbolic meaning. Traditionally, a pysanka given with its symbolic meaning in mind, be it wishes of protection, fecundity, or love. Typically, pysanky were displayed prominently in a public room of the house.

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Vol 4-Liturgical-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Liturgical Action-Enrichment
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Vol 4-Liturgical Action-Enrichment