GP454 Saul Changes Additional

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Vol 4-Sacred-Core

*If you already own the original lesson about Paul, formally called “Paul’s Discovery,” then you can purchase these additional pieces to create this lesson which includes a red road, two blocks of wood, a tan felt underlay, and a wooden med. tray. Then all you need to do is lift the plaque depicting Paul’s “Road to Damascus” experience out of the original lesson and place it on this new tray. Note: Going forward you will place Lesson 17 (Saul Changes) on the top shelf of your New Testament shelves and Lesson 18 (Paul’s Travels and His Letters, formally called Paul’s Discover) on the shelf directly below. When you tell Paul's Travels and Letters (Lesson 18) you will also bring Saul Changes to the circle to help the children connect the two lessons. The plaque for Saul Changes should get taken off its tray and put into the line of plaques about Paul's Travels and Letters when you tell the story of his Road to Damascus experience. Refer to the Revised and Expanded Volume 4 for complete instructions.

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Vol 4-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 4-Sacred Story-Core
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Vol. 4-Sacred-Extension