GP454-Saul Changes Complete

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Vol 4-Sacred-Core

Includes: wooden tray, red road, two blocks of wood to represent the cities of Jerusalem and Damascus, a wood plaque with an illustration of the event on the road to Damascus, underlay.

As the seventeenth lesson in Volume 4 of the Complete Guide to Godly Play this story is usually presented after the feast of Pentecost.

Saul was one of the  first people to know Jesus in "a new way." The disciples saw Jesus in "a new way" at Pentecost in Jerusalem and later outside of Jerusalem when he ascended. They also saw him in this new way in Galilee when he appeared to them there, Cleopas and his companion met Jesus in this new way on the road to Emmaus. And that is how we meet him today. It might be interesting for older children to find these moments in the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible and in their own lives.

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Vol 4-Sacred-Extension
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Vol. 4-Sacred-Extension