GP455-Paul's Travels & Letters

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Vol 4-Sacred-Extension

Volume 4-Lesson 18: Paul's Travels and His Letters

Includes: 6 cards illustrating scenes from Paul's life, 13 scrolls with gold strings, container for scrolls, red felt underlay, wooden tray.(you will need the Road to Damascus card from Saul Changes Volume 4-Lesson 17 to present this lesson.)

As the Eighteenth lesson Volume 4 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play it is usually presented after the children are familiar with Saul Changes and after the Day of Pentecost. You also need a map of Paul's travels.

The Holy Spirit continues Jesus' presence beyond his historical life. Paul discovered this on the road to Damascus and elaborated his thinking about what happened to him in his letters. He knew Jesus in a new way, quite different from the way the disciples knew Jesus. They Holy Spirit draws aside a curtain so we can be "in, "with" and "of" Christ, who has been there all the time, waiting to be found and to find us.

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Vol 4-Liturgical-Extension
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Vol 4-Sacred-Core
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Vol. 4-Sacred-Extension