GP600-Complete Volume 6 Lessons

Price: $1,722.15
Vol 6-Enrichment

Includes Volume 6 book, I set of People of God, and all the enrichment lessons in volume 6, as well as a discount of 1/2 off of the cost of shipping

GP110f Vol 6 Book-$24.95

GP251 People of God (18)-$49.95

GP601 Basic The Falling Apart-$97.95

GP602 Basic Story of Abraham-$105.95

GP603 Basic Story of Sarah-$97.95

GP604 Basic Story of Jacob-$67.95

GP605 Basic Story of Joseph -$87.95

GP606 Basic Story of Moses (Need Mt Sinai)-$141.95

GP607 Basic Story of Ruth-$89.95

GP608 Basic Story of Samuel-$109.95

GP609 Basic Story of King David-$125.95

GP610 Basis story of Prophet Elijah (Need Mt Sinai)-$79.95

GP611 Basic Story of Prophet Isaiah (Need Creation Cards)-$138.95

GP612 Basic Story of Prophet Jeremiah-$133.95

GP613 Basic Story of Prophet Ezekiel-$82.95

GP614 Basic Story of Daniel-$182.95

GP615 Basic Story of Job-$102.95

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Price: $38.95

Vol 2-Sacred-Core
Price: $204.95

Vol 2-Sacred-Core
Price: $89.95

Vol 2-Sacred-Core
Price: $119.95

Vol 2-Sacred-Core
Price: $229.95

Vol 2-Sacred-Core