GP609-The Story of King David

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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension

Volume 6-Lesson 9:The Story of David-Extension

This lesson is an Extension lesson that is meant to be used with The Ark and the Temple. After the children have worked with the Core lesson approximately three times, they will be ready to work with this Extension lesson.

Includes: small clear bottle of oil, harp, 5 smooth stones, sling shot, wooden shepherd's staff,  cast resin crown(updated 2018), cast resin Ark of the Covenant, small gold parable box containing green felt underlay 3" x 3", 2 tan felt houses, 5 small sheep, image of Jerusalem, purple felt underlay, Medium wooden tray, story icon w/velcro.

You will need People of God from the top shelf in your classroom.

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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 2-Sacred-Core