GP611-The Story of the Prophet Isaiah

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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension

Volume 6-Lesson 11: The Story of the Prophet Isaiah


Oval Basket #1(Isaiah of Jerusalem): wooden "Holy, Holy, Holy" picture, coal, grapes, votive candle, story icon of Jerusalem.

Oval Basket #2 (Isaiah of Exile):chain, strip of brown felt, 1 People of God, rock, beautiful garment, story icon of chain.

Oval Basket #3 (Third Isiah): statue of mother surrounded by children, scroll, wolf, 1 sheep, story icon of earth.

dark brown felt underlay, large wooden tray, story icon w/ velcro.

You will need Creation cards from the top shelf in your classroom.

This presentation on Isaiah enriches the presentations on the Exile and Return ( Volume 2, pg. 135) and the Prophets (Volume 2, pg. 143). the meditation of the 8th-century prophet Isiah on the destiny of Jerusalem left a tradition of prophecy in his name. Chapters 1-29 of the book of Isaiah are now often called First Isaiah. This is a meditation on the crisis of pre-exilic Jerusalem in the years 742-701 B.C.E Second Isiah is in chapters 40-55. This takes place about 540 B.C.E. It tells of the hope for a return  to Jerusalem from exile. Chapters 56-66 are called Third Isaiah. Its apparent context is after the return to and restoration of Jerusalem that was anticipated in Second Isaiah.

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