GP701ind-Saint figure individual

Price: $13.95
Volume 7
Figure option:

Choose which Saint you would like. They are mounted to 3/4" thick wood with a stained back.

1-St Thomas Aquinas

2-St Valentine

3-St Patrick

4-St Catherine of Siena

5-St Julian of Norwich

6-St Columba

7-St Elizabeth of Portugal

8- St Augustine of Hippo

9-St Teresa of Calcutta

10-St Teresa of Avila

11-St Margaret of Scotland

12-St Nicholas of Myra

Price: $58.95

Vol 7-Sacred Stories
Price: $128.95

Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core
Price: $1,014.15

Vol 7-After Biblical Era
Price: $89.50

Vol 7-After Biblical Era