GP704-St. Valentine

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Extension

Volume 7-Lesson 4: The Story of St. Valentine

Includes: small mortar and pestle, silk crocus, valentine scroll, saint booklet, green or purple felt underlay, open front tray.

We remember St. Valentine in the month of February.

Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 during one of the persecutions ordered by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus.  The practice of sending love messages on February 14 originated in part form the story of Valentine's note to the jailer's blind daughter that is part of this lesson, It is also tied to the ancient roman feast of Lupercalia, which took place of February 15. One of the customs on the occasion involved the writing of love messages by maidens. Thus, the holiday celebrated on February 14, Valentine's Day, is both a celebration of love and a commemoration of Valentine's life.

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core
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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core