GP706-St. Catherine of Sienna

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Extension

Volume 7-Lesson 6:The Story of St Catherine of Siena

Includes: silk lily, letter, cast resin bridge, saint booklet, white felt underlay, open front tray.

We remember her in the month of May.

Catherine was born in 1347 and became a nun at the age of 16. She was known for her visions and the strict life she led, but also because she negotiated peace between Italian cities and helped persuade the Pope to return to Rome from France. She died in 1380 when she was only about 33 years old. She was declared on of the 33 Doctors of the Church in 1970, one of only three women.

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core
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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core