GP707-St. Julian of Norwich

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Extension

Volume 7-Lesson 7:St Julian of Norwich

Includes: cast resin little stone building, hazelnut, wooden plaque with "all shall be well" quote, saint booklet, white felt underlay, open front tray.

We remember her in the month of May.

Julian was born in 1342 and is associated with Norwich, England. On May 8, 1373 when she was thirty she received a series of revelations and then become an anchorite, living alone in a cell attached to St. Julian's Church in Norwich. She almost certainly took the name by which we know her from that church. Her book, Showings, was the first book to be written by a woman in English.

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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core
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Vol 7-After Biblical Era-Core