GP801-The Greatest Parable

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Vol 8-Liturgical-Extension

Volume 8-Lesson 1,2,3,4

Includes: 13 triangle plaques w/illustrations on one side and colors on the other, triangle gold box with Jerusalem cross on lid.

You will need the Holy Eucharist underlay to present this lesson.

The goal of this presentation is to allow the inexhaustible meaning and linguistic complexity of Jesus to shine through with a kind of deep simplicity that it is open to people of all ages and stage fo faith development.

"Extensions" extend the Core Lessons. They extend not only Sacred Stories but also the Liturgical and Parable Lessons. Extension Lesson sit on the shelves below the lesson, since Core lesson are displayed on the top shelf in the Godly Play room.

5/19 T

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Vol 4-Liturgical-Core
Price: $108.95

Vol 8-Sacred-Extension
Price: $14.95

Vol 4-Liturgical Action-Core