GP801b Greatest Parable Triangle Box

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Vol 8-Sacred Story-Core

This gold triangular box, which would hold the thirteen triangle cards, stands up on its base to suggest its relation to the sacred stories and its key position in the Godly Play room. The gold color of the box and lid links this lesson to the parables. The purple cross on the gold lid links the lesson to the Liturgical Action materials, especially "The Faces of Easter," which is presented during the season of Lent. The relation to contemplative silence is evident during the silent part of the presentation, which uses the color side of the thirteen triangle cards rather than the picture side.

This story can be found in Volume 8, Lessons 1-4 on pages 24-62

You will need the Box, Cards, and the Holy Eucharist Underlay to tell this story.

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Vol 8-Core, Enrichments, Extensions
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Vol 8-Sacred Story-Core
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Vol 8-Sacred Story-Core
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Vol 8-Sacred Story-Core