GP806-Mary,The Mother of Jesus

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Vol 8-Sacred-Extension

Volume 8-Lesson 6: Mary, The Mother of Jesus

Includes: Angel plaque, infant Jesus with manger(olive wood), crucifix, tomb w/rock, wooden fire image, silk Forget-Me-Nots flower, scroll, wooden tray, icon, underlay.

This story can be told any time during the church year, but is especially appropriate during the season of Advent and Lent.

"Extensions" extend the Core Lessons. They extend not only Sacred Stories but also the Liturgical and Parable Lessons. Extension Lesson sit on the shelves below the lesson, since Core lesson are displayed on the top shelf in the Godly Play room. Mary is and extension of The Greatest Parable and Face of Easter, Part 1

God chose Mary to be the Mother of God when she was young teenager. Joseph and Mary raised the baby and Mary was present during Jesus' life and death. Legends beginning about the second century tell us that her mother's name was Anne and her father's name was Joachim.  Mary's story parallels the stories of divine intervention in the birth of Isaac to Sarah, and Samuel to Hannah (a Hebrew form of Anne).  

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Vol 8-Liturgical-Extension