Gp110k-The Search for a Theology of Childhood

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Assembled for the first time in one collection are some of the major writings of Jerome W Berryman, fourth generation interpreter of the Montessori tradition, and founder of Godly Play - an approach to religious education and the pastoral care of children which is today being drawn upon all over the world. The writings contained in this book, some of which are now largely inaccessible, detail the development of Berryman's thinking over a period spanning more than 30 years. The Search for a Theology of Childhood will be of great interest to Godly Play trainers and teachers, as well as providing a valuable point of reference for both scholars and practitioners of religious education in their work with children. Brendan Hyde, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Religious Education at the Australian Catholic University. He spent a sabbatical working with Jerome Berryman at the Centre for the Theology of Childhood in Denver, Colorado, USA, and has research interests in how Godly Play nurtures the spirituality of children. He is also co-editor of the International Journal of Children's Spirituality.