HE151-Home Edition DIY Unfinished Wood Box Group

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Home Edition
Advent color :

Check out the Web Site Stories of God at Home

Stories of God at Home:A Godly Play Approach Home Edition. (1/2 size of the regular classroom materials)
Choose Blue or Purple as your color for your Advent lesson

DARK BLUE or PURPLE/DIY/Unfinished box/Home Edition

HE110P Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach Book

HE210DIYUN HOME Unfinished Wooden Circle of the Church Year, Pattern and Instruction.

HE232DIYUN HOME Creation Unfinished Wooden Box, Sun Symbol, Creation Prints, Pattern and Instruction.

HE314DIYUN HOME: DARK BLUE or PURPLE Christmas Unfinished Wooden Box, Star Symbol, Christmas Prints, Wooden Small Bethlehem, Wooden Underlay Dividers, Pattern and Instruction.

HE334DIYUN HOME: Good Shepherd Unfinished Wooden Box, Green Circle, Good Shepherd Prints, Pattern and Instruction.

HE408DIYUN HOME: Easter Unfinished Wooden Box, Cross Symbol, Easter Prints, Wooden Underlay Dividers, Pattern and Instruction.

HE809DIYUN Home: Pentecost Unfinished Wooden Box, Flame Symbol, Pentecost, Wooden Underlay Dividers, Pattern and Instruction.


Web workshop:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2C__o7IYvA&feature=youtu.be