HE151-Home Edition DIY Unfinished Wood Box Group

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Advent color :

Check out the Web Site Stories of God at Home

Stories of God at Home:A Godly Play Approach Home Edition. (1/2 size of the regular classroom materials)
1/2 off Shipping. Choose Blue or Purple as your color for your Advent lesson and your Advent blocks for your Circle of the Church Year

Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach Book

Creation- Unfinished Wooden Box, Sun Symbol, Prints, Pattern and Instruction.

Christmas- Unfinished Wooden Box, Star Symbol, Prints, Divider Sticks, Pattern and Instruction.

Easter- Unfinished Wooden Box, Cross Symbol, Prints, Divider Sticks, Pattern and Instruction.

Pentecost- Unfinished Wooden Box, Flame Symbol, Prints, Divider Sticks, Pattern and Instruction.

The Good Shepherd- Unfinished Wooden Box, Prints, Pattern and Instruction.

Circle of the Church Year- Unfinished Wooden Base, Unpainted Blocks, Unpainted Arrows, Unpainted Spindle, and Instruction.


Web workshop:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2C__o7IYvA&feature=youtu.be