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Children - Spiritual direction
Children Praying - Spiritual direction

Godly Play® Resources in Ashland, Kansas, provides Godly Play® products for Christian education and spiritual direction for children. The goal of Godly Play® is to teach children and adults the art of using religious language and to help them become fully aware of the mystery of God's presence in their lives.

About Godly Play®

Through parables, sacred stories, and liturgical action presentations, the wonder of God is opened. The Godly Play® method focuses clearly and deeply on the child's spirituality. This evolves, enhances, supports, and enlarges the quality of relationships in other activities for children and their families.

Anytime & Anywhere

Godly Play's® use is not limited to an educational setting such as Sunday school. It is used in schools, churches, hospitals, and homes. Information about specialized training such as hospitals is available.

Our Approach to Education

This approach to religious education is really broader and different than what is traditionally thought of as "education" and doesn't involve a classroom setting. It's about engaging the child to be a member of a circle and to wonder about God's elusive presence through story.

Experience the Difference

With Godly Play®, we tell Bible stories to children and encourage them to enter into the stories. This helps them wonder about them and relate them to their personal experiences.

Enjoyable Education

One of the goals of Godly Play® is to create a safe space for children. Here, ideas, opinions, and gifts are deeply respected. Everything in the worship education center is designed for children to use and enjoy.

Available Training

Training is offered at various levels to meet the needs of Godly Play® teachers. We have you covered from introductory workshops, to core training, to advanced work in specific aspects of the method. Our Godly Play® Trainers are available for private consultations to provide support and specific training. With practice and patience, anyone may become a Godly Play® teacher.

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