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Godly Play�

Godly Play� Resources provides all the materials needed to create the environment for the Godly Play� approach to Christian formation.

Godly Play� Foundation

The Godly Play� Foundation is here to provide training and future support for organizations (Churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) using the Godly Play method of Christian formation. Here you will find resources and additional information about the Godly Play� Foundation.

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Learn About Godly Play Resources

Godly Play� Resources in Ashland, Kansas, provides the materials for use with the Godly Play method of Christian formation, developed by Dr. Jerome Berryman.

We are a cottage industry and most of our items are handcrafted by local woodworkers and vendors with a great attention to detail. For more than 25 years, we've been your one stop shop for Godly Play� materials.

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