GP297-Books of the Bible

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Vol 2-Sacred-Enrichment

Includes: wooden bookshelf, books of the Bible, summary cards with wooden box, control sheet. (A wooden representation of individual book’s in the Bible. The books do not open)

Enrichment Presentation: this kind of lesson goes over the same material in a Core Lesson but from a different angle or in a more detailed way.

This Enrichment Lesson in Volume 2 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play adds to the Core Lesson about the Holy Bible by further exploring the concept that the Holy Bible is not on book, but a "library of books." This is illustrated concretely by the material-a small bookshelf that presents all the books of the Bible. It is usually presented at the beginning of the program year to those familiar with the Core Lesson about the Holy Bible just after the Circle of the Church Year. The Circle of the Church Year is about how the church tells its story and this lesson is about where the Church's story story comes from.

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Vol 2-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 3-Liturgical-Core
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Vol 2-Sacred-Core