GP602-The Story of Abraham

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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension

Volume 6-Lesson 2: The Story of Abraham

Includes: 3 rocks, 3 clear boxes filled with sand, dust, and silver stars, cast resin of three strangers, small pieces of wood wrapped in twine, bowl of fire, small wooden knife, long piece of twine, wooden ram, cast resin cave, tan felt underlay, basket, medium wooden tray, story icon w/ velcro.

"The Great Family" has become as many as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand in the desert. But there is still an original mother and a father to remember, honor and learn from. This story enriches the story of the "The Great Family" (Volume 2, page 85)

by telling more about Abraham, the father of the 'the Great Family." it includes how God tested Abraham, and Abraham tested God.

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