GP607-The Story of Ruth

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Vol 6-Sacred-Extension

Volume 6-Lesson 7 The Story of Ruth

Includes: small wooden model of Bethlehem, stalks of grain, cast resin crown, blue yarn to represent the Jordan River, dark brown felt underlay, medium wooden tray, story icon w/velcro.

You will need your People of God from the top shelf in your classroom.

The story of Ruth is a connecting story. It connects the wilderness experience of the People of God and living in the promised land, with living in the promised land and King David. Ruth was not one of the People of God . She was Moabite, She married one of God's People, Boaz and became the great-grandmother of David the King.

Ruth's story does not unroll like a life in the way that the other storied in this volume do. The movement of the story is instead from the Promised land, specifically the city of Bethlehem, to the land of Moab and back again.

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Vol 2-Sacred-Core