GP110n Graceful Nurture

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Graceful Nurture, written by Rebecca McClain, a long-time Godly Player and member of the Godly Play Foundation Board, presents the case for the use of Godly Play with adults. Rebecca lays out four creative courses for adults: The Heavenly Banquet-for preparing adults for baptism, confirmation, and reaffirmation of vows (12 weeks); Desert Only -- for preparing families who are beginning Godly Play; Slow Cooking -- a Godly Play retreat weekend; and Coffee and Cream -- using Godly Play on Sunday Mornings (12 weeks). Requiring the use of lessons from the Complete Guide to Godly Play (which are NOT included in the book), Graceful Nurture offers background on Godly Play, including why and how to use it with adults, and in depth notes and suggestions for 12 key Godly Play lessons, including how to adapt them for an adult audience. The four courses all build on these 12 lessons.

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