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Vol 8-After Biblical Era-Extension


Volume 8-Lesson 14: The Church 

Focus: Church space and inner space

An "Afterwords" lesson, One of the lessons about what has taken place in the Church since the time of the Scriptures.


Location: In a developed classroom the lesson sits on its own shelf between the Pentecost shelf and the Communion of Saints shelf. The material itself sits on the top shelf with a basket for parts ( a large tray will work for this, item GP611t ) of the church model below. In addition the lower shelves hold pictures of various kinds of churches, books about stained glass windows, the building of Cathedrals and other related supporting materials.

Pieces: The material sits on the base and includes pieces that form five shapes for the Church. A small table to represent and Altar table, which is moved within the Church space and removed at the end of the deconstruction before replacing the table and rebuilding the Church model.

This is a special order item. May have a longer time frame for delivery. Inventory received July 2019

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Vol 8-Sacred-Extension
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Vol 8-Liturgical-Extension
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Volume 6-Lesson 11