*PR293fw-Comp: The Prophet Jonah w/felted whale Introductory
*PR293fw-Comp: The Prophet Jonah w/felted whale Introductory


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The Prophet Jonah w/Felted Whale: Handcrafted Felted Wool Whale, Boat, Waves, Jonah, Vine, Nineveh, Underlay, Icon,  Med. Wooden tray

It was probably after the Exile, when Judah was still under the rule of the Persians, that someone wrote a funny, entertaining, thought provoking story about the Prophets. The story shows that the spirit of God's people was still alive, still creative, and still pondering the presence of the mystery of God.

This ironic tale shows Jonah, "the backward Prophet," doing everything wrong, yet everything comes out right except, perhaps, his own relationship with God. The story leaves us with may questions, and we are left of finish the story for ourselves. We feel compelled to wonder what happened to Jonah next.

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Vol 2-Sacred Stories-Core PREMIUM