GP815-The Liturgical Synthesis

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Vol 8-Liturgical-Synthesis
Circle of the Church Year Advent Color :

Volume 8-Lesson 15:The Liturgical Synthesis-

Includes: Lg. tray, Creche set, Baptism Underlays 3-18" circles, Baptism Bowl, Cruet, Christ candle with base, wooden dove, vial of oil, (BLUE or PURPLE) advent color choice for your large felt calendar, Holy Eucharist Underlay, Holy Eucharist cards.

This presentation superimposes a total of five "materials-including the circle of children, so that children can synthesize the key presentations of the Liturgical Action materials in their mastery of the Christian language system. These five materials are all circles. they are the circle of the children , the circle of the church year, the Holy Eucharist, Baptism, and the Holy Family. This gives depth and liturgical orientation to the transformational core of the Christian language system. this lesson is for older children who are familiar with all the presentations on which this synthesis is based.

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